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Mind, Body and Soul

Reconnect with your mind, body and soul before embarking on a day of relaxation, exploration or rejuvenation.

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Mind, Body and Soul

Entrance to Spa qualia

Naturopath Consultation and Integrated Health Screening 90 mins

Discover the state of your health with a Naturopath consultation and Integrated Health Screening analysis. Your Naturopath will look at the health of your blood cells. Looking at the blood cells indicates the state of your general health and can uncover nutritional deficiencies and body systems that are not functioning optimally. These include digestion, the immune system and liver function. This session also includes a full health report along with a suggested treatment plan. $225

Naturopathy 60 / 90 mins

Spa qualia offers consultations with our highly trained Naturopath who will consider your current lifestyle, diet and general wellbeing. Each consultation includes a comprehensive nutritional and body composition analysis to investigate important metabolic markers of your health including specific areas of interest such as detoxification, iridology, sports performance, immunity, ageing, stress, pregnancy and weight loss. You will leave with a personally tailored wellness plan to guide you on the path to increased energy, vitality and balance. This is a great opportunity for you to put your health first while you have the time this holiday. $150 / $210

Iridology 60 mins

Iridology consultations are available with our experienced Naturopath. Do you need more energy, better quality sleep, improved digestion, decreased stress-levels, or improved health? Our qualified Naturopath can help you. Iridology is an alternative medicine technique where patterns, colours, shapes and other characteristics of the iris, sclera and pupil are examined to obtain information about a person’s health and wellbeing. $150

Integrated Health Screening 30 mins

Looking at the blood cells in this way produces an indication of the state of your general health and can uncover nutritional deficiencies and body systems that are not functioning optimally. These include digestion, the immune system and liver system. The consultation includes a full health report and a suggested treatment plan to take home. $95

Wellness/Naturopathy Seminars Complimentary

Our resident Naturopath with take on an informative journey to discuss topics such as healthy living, nutrition, detox, acid/alkaline balance in daily life, mindfulness and iridology. Relax and learn in the tranquil environment of Spa qualia. Please see Spa Reception or Guest Services for scheduled seminars.

Thai Massage 60 mins

Performed in the tranquil Yoga Pavilion on a futon wearing comfortable clothing, this ancient healing technique is a must to experience. A combination of massage and assisted stretching will leave you feeling rebalanced. $175

Reflexology 60 mins

Also known as zone therapy, reflexology aims to rebalance the body via applying pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to various structures and organs. $175

Reiki 60 mins

A non-invasive and gentle, yet powerful, method of healing to rebalance the body, mind and soul. $175

Cupping Therapy 30 mins

Associated with Chinese therapy and the acupuncture system, cupping alleviates muscular aches and pains and will leave you feeling completely restored. Spa qualia recommends adding cupping to a 60 minute massage. $90

Digestive Massage 30 mins

Feeling tired and sluggish? A digestive massage may be just for you. Tension and negative emotions can build in your digestive system creating imbalances in the digestive organs. This massage will aid in rebalancing and energising your body. $90

Personal Yoga Therapy 60 mins

Your experienced yoga instructor will tailor a sequence suited to benefit your body, mind and spirit. A take home program will be created for you to continue your yoga journey when you return home. $120

Personal Training 60 mins

Be the best you can be. Our personal trainers include inspiration, motivation and education into each training session or a personalised program can be designed to meet your specific goals and desires. Alternatively, you may simply choose to have one or more training sessions to keep you fighting fit and motivated while you enjoy your holiday. Personal training sessions are available and provided by our expert team at the Hamilton Island Sports Club. Please note advanced bookings are required. A list of current classes is also available.